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Driving Technology with the Heart of Humanity

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Doing Good with Tech

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Our Big Mission

We believe that everyone should have free access to advanced tech and AI software.

We're all about knocking down barriers and building up communities where everyone can use tech to solve real problems.

Let's make tech inclusive and free for all.

for Impact

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Tech is a Human Thing

We hold tech companies accountable to the humans who use it. Tech should work for us, not against us. We call on tech companies to be transparent, and fair, and treat humans as allies and not assets.

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Skill & Career Development

We research the tech skills necissary for gainful employment, We partner with tech experts, leading software providers, and community leaders to provide training and certifications to members.

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Free Access to AI Software

Software is expensive. Denying learners access to solution-based software is unacceptable, especially since 90% of businesses require it. Our members get free access to vetted software. Skilling-up is required, but paywalls are not.

Our Learning Solutions

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Certification & Training Courses

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Leadership Mentoring & Coaching

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Free Membership & Software Access

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Tech Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Our Big Vision

We envision a world where artificial intelligence and advanced technology are accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic background.

We challenge this by:

democratize technology

empowering action through education

helping humans drive the digital landscape

advancing tech diversity, equity, and inclusion

building supportive tech communities to use technology for good

Meet Our Superstars

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Dr. Naketa R. Jones

Founder & CEO

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Angeline F. Johnson MPL, MPA

Community Consultant

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Joey Jones MED

Education Consultant

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Responsible Tech is

a Movement

Diverse Female Activists or Protesters Fists up Fighting for Freedom and Human Rights. a Group of Black Lives Matter Supporters Raising Awareness for the Political  Movement and Social Justice
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Human Driven Tech is a nonprofit 501c3 organization committed to providing a safe space for students and adult learners to have access to AI and advanced tech software while gaining the skills necessary to compete in today’s workforce.

90%of our donations and grant funding directly supports student’s access to tech

and education

Our Partners & Sponsors

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Human Driven Tech

Sterling Heights, MI 48312

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